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Team Building

Paintball player lying down in grass taking a shotAdventure Sports specialises in matching events to the requirements of the organiser. A frequent request is “I want a team building day”. This can usually be distilled down to either a Bonding event or a Team Development event.
Bonding events are a passive way to encourage teams to work better. The emphasis of the event should be light hearted fun – the participants don’t even need to be aware that they are taking part in a team building event.

A highly successful form of bonding event is a “Mixed Activity” event, where a group will be divided down into teams of approximately six people. Each team circulates around a number of activities during a half day (usually four activities) or a full day (seven activities).

Many different activities can be selected, but favourites include:

  • Driving Land Rovers around a challenging off road track
  • Riding quad bikes through picturesque woodland
  • Shooting clay pigeons with a 12 gauge shotgun
  • Navigating through tight gates using a reverse steer Jeep (you turn the steering wheel right and the Jeep turns left!)

Team Development is a far more structured process that aims to change the behaviour of a team. Requirements frequently include:

  • Improve team co-operation
  • Stronger communications
  • Leadership skill development
  • Decision making
  • Problem-solving

A group of paintball players ready to start
Adventure Sports Ltd has over 20 years of experience in creating programmes to address these requirements. Some clients want a simple day of problem-solving activities to test a team. These allow a group to experiment with different approaches in a micro problem environment – if it all goes wrong during a 45 minute exercise it’s not the end of the world and the company will not lose money. The errors can be identified, discussed and an alternative tactic used for the next exercise.

More demanding events allow a team to be really stretched. Examples include:

A day at a Fire Fighter Training Centre

The team commands a complex emergency situation – lives are at risk and the unexpected always happens. A high stress environment, requiring clear decision making and rock solid communications. The day will end with the team actually putting out a dramatic gas flange fire – the adrenaline will be rushing!

Survival in the Wild

 Under the careful tuition of an ex-military survival expert the group will learn to live in the wild. Team work and sharing skills will allow the group to thrive in a hostile environment – if they don’t work together; they go hungry, thirsty and get really cold!

4×4 Safari

Teams learn to control fully equipped Land Rovers before heading out to reach a series of checkpoints. A solitary vehicle will quickly become stuck, whilst a team of vehicles can help each other and ensure the locations are reached.

Observing a group in these situations will produce invaluable feedback for the team and allow real experiences to be transferred back to the work place.

If you have a team of people (new or old) who need a bit of polishing we will be able to help. Contact Adventure Sports for suggestions.